Photo Credit to Andrew Scalini

   Photo Credit to Andrew Scalini


I am not an impartial observer.  Who I am as an artist is part of the process. My composition is intuitive. My use of negative space and depth of field is intentional and deliberately intensifies the sense of intimacy and connection of the viewer to the subject.  Simple subjects resulting in complex, sophisticated images.  Every image tells a story.



Fine art photographer James Maciuszek was gifted with broad horizons and became a global citizen early on, raised by working class parents who shared with him their love of travel and taught him to challenge convention.  His mother was a feminist before there was a word for it, and his father was a WWII veteran & entrepreneur.   Maciuszek was 7 years old when he shot his first photograph with his father's Polaroid camera.  

Jamie grew up in Michigan during the turbulent 1960's - a childhood lived amidst riots and racial tension, much like a stark black and white photograph ripped from the pages of Life magazine.  At 14, he was transplanted from Detroit to the last remnants of magical "Old Florida", to a Kodacolor existence, soft focused and sultry, and still filled with Cuban influence and opportunity.  After earning degrees at both Michigan State University and University of South Florida, Maciuszek moved to Atlanta, where successful careers as an engineer and then a businessman afforded him the opportunity to return to his passion for photography.

Maciuszek's personal vision and zen relationship with the camera result in intimate, deliberate images filled with strong forms, clean lines, and human reality that is not just seen but felt by the viewer.  His desire to broaden cultural understanding and empathy for his subjects make this artist a medium who connects the viewer to the subject through his camera lens.  His images are often simple subjects resulting in complex photographs expertly crafted by a sense of composition that is intuitive and an intentional use of light, shadow, subtleties, and detail.  

Maciuszek has been mentored by photography icon and master printer, George DeWolfe, protege of Ansel Adams.  He learned the importance of controlling the quality of the finished product and now does all of his own printing.  He has also studied with Nelson Ramirez de Arellano, director of the Fototeca de Cuba.  

Recipient of numerous photography awards, Maciuszek's talent and dedication earned him an invitation to participate in the prestigious portfolio review at the 2013 Atlanta Celebrates Photography, the largest annual, community-oriented photo festival in the United States. His work is best known to fine art photography collectors in both the Atlanta and Phoenix areas; interest in his sensual, sophisticated, masculine images continues to grow nationally.

Watch this website for details about upcoming gallery shows.